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Thirty Blessed Years


God has certainly blessed APAC member congregations in the Asia-Pacific during the first thirty years of the existence of APAC. (The 30th Anniversary celebrations were held in Manila on 10th November 2006).

For example, in this period the Augustinian Recollects established their Province of St Ezekeil Moreno in the Philippines, the Augustinians of the Assumption came to Korea, the Augustinian Sisters of Our Lady of Consolation expanded from the Philippines to three other nations, and the Augustinian Sisters of God’s Mercy (Indonesia) have expanded from conducting day clinics to also building and conducting a small hospital. Numerous other APAC-affiliated religious congregations can also speak of similar progress between 1977 and 2007.

The Augustinian Contemplative Nuns,who opened their monastery at Bulacan on 26th April 1998 and their House of Prayer on the property soon afterwards (see Photo Gallery), first came to the Philippines from Italy in 1991, and lived temporarily at Laguna while local vocations were accepted.

In the Asia-Pacific during the thirty years from 1977 to 2007 the Order of St Augustine has established a separate Province of Cebu, entered Korea, and experienced vocations growth in the Philippines, India, Indonesia and Korea.

Much of this growth would certainly have taken place even if APAC had not existed, but with the increasing complexities of government regulations, the development of various means of rapid communication, the increased convenience of international travel, and the prevailing increase of culture clash and terrorism, religious congregations will possibly find in the coming years a greater advantage in and need for cooperation via associations such as APAC.

Credited with much of the founding inspiration for the formation of APAC is the late Fr Manuel Manrique OSA, who was then an Assistant General of the Order of St Augustine after having served a total of twenty-five years in the Philippines. He proposed the concept at the Augustinian General Chapter in Rome in September 1977, and the first APAC convention took place at Manila in February 1980.Our religious orders and societies were more isolated from one another thirty years ago, which makes the creation of APAC at that time all the more praiseworthy. The goals established for APAC were seen as relevant then, and today are more relevant than ever.


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