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Contemplative nuns at Bulacan

The chapel, and the monastery in the distance

Our Monastery of the Mother of Good Counsel at Bulacan, Philippines was solemnly blessed and opened on the feast of the Mother of Good Counsel, 26th April 1998.

It was established with the assistance of the Italian Federation of Augustinian Contemplative Nuns. This federation supplied the founding nuns, and still accepts our newer members for extended periods of formation in Rome, Italy.

In 1991 two nuns from the Augustinian Federation of Italian Monasteries came by invitation to the Philippines to start a new foundation. A temporary monastery was established in a small house at San Pedro, Laguna and officially instituted on October 2, 1993.              

After the years of its joys and difficulties on April 26, 1998, the dream became a reality with the blessing of the present new purpose-built monastery. It is Monastery of the Mother of Good Counsel, located in a rural setting at San Jose del Monte, Bulacan.

"Mother of Good Counsel" is the main title under which the Order of Saint Augustine has devotion to Mary, the mother of Jesus. This particular image of Mary is a small fresco in the Augustinian church at Genazzano, not far from Rome.

The goal of our community is to carry out Saint Augustine's monastic ideal of contemplative life. It was the kind of life he always yearned for, even after he was called to active ministry as pastor, preacher, theologian and author.

At present in July 2012 there are eleven in our community here at Bulacan. Eight of us are from the Philippines, two from Italy and one from Korea. Eight have solemn profession, one is a novice, one is a postulant, and one is aspirant.

The Madre Alessandra House of Prayer  

An entrance to the House of Prayer.

Saint Augustine spoke for all human beings when he prayed, ”You have made us for yourself, O Lord, and our hearts are restless, until they rest in you.” (Confessions, 1, 1.)

On February 26, 2006 the monastery opened its House of Prayer, dedicated in memory of the late Mother Alessandra Macajone O.S.A. (Italy), who for eighteen years had been the President of the Italian Federation of Augustinian Monasteries.

The construction of the house of prayer in the monastery grounds at Bulacan was made possible through financial support of benefactors of sister monasteries in Italy and elsewhere.      

The house of prayer serves as an oasis of silence and contemplation, a place where guests find a support for their spirituality and a home for souls thirsting for God. We, the Augustinian Contemplative Nuns, are glad that our visitors are able to find God here, as well as peace and new vigor with which to go on with life in God.

Designed to assist solitude and reflection, prayer and dialogue, and welcome and friendship, the retreat house is a place where individuals and groups can spend time to experience the loving and assuring embrace of God. To souls who long and desire to see God, we say "welcome!"

St Augustine preached, "We live with you and for you; and it is our intention and wish to live with you in the presence of God always" (Sermon 355,1). The Augustinian contemplative nuns here at Bulacan hope this retreat house will be such an abode, where individuals may experience what it is to live with Christ.

For images of our house of prayer please visit the photo gallery of www.augustiniannunsbulacan.org

Silent prayer opportunities for individuals and groups are provided, and center on the monastic liturgy of the contemplative nuns of the Bulacan Augustinian community. The house of prayer can accommodate thirty persons in a combination of single rooms and two-bed rooms. For more information, and contact details, visit www.augustiniannunsbulacan.org







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