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Tenth Triennial APAC Convention 2008

The incoming APAC President, 2008-2011.

The tenth triennial APAC Convention took place at St Scholastica’s Center of Spirituality, at Barrio Iruhin, Tagaytay City, near Manila, Philippines on 28th-31st October 2008.

The tasks of the convention were to elect its new principal officers for 2009-2011 and to devise the broad outline of the APAC program for the following three years. The convention was generously hosted by the Vicariate of the Orient of the Order of St Augustine.

The Asia-Pacific Augustinian Conference (APAC) was founded in 1977 to facilitate and enhance communication and cooperation between the various religious orders and congregations within the broader Augustinian family throughout the Asia-Pacific. It is a “sister” group to similar Augustinian umbrella organisations such as AFA in Africa and OALA in Latin America.

This recent APAC Convention drew together thirty-nine male and female Augustinian Religious. Eight religious orders and congregations were represented: Augustinians of the Assumption, Augustinian Recollects, Augustinian Missionaries of the Philippines (AMP), Augustinian Sisters Servants of Jesus and Mary (ASSJM), Missionary Servants of the Holy Trinity (MSHT), Augustinian Sisters of Our Lady of Consolation (ASOLC), Augustinian Sisters of Divine Mercy – Indonesia, and seven jurisdictions of the Order of St Augustine, as detailed in the next paragraph.  

Participants of the Tenth APAC Convention, 2008.

Attending from the Order of St Augustine were Very Rev Robert Prevost OSA (Prior General), Fr Rommel Par OSA (Assistant General), and the appointed APAC delegates and outgoing APAC commissioners from the Province of Australia, Province of Cebu, Vicariate of the Orient, Vicariate of the Japanese Augustinian Martyrs, Delegation of Korea and Delegation of India.  

This gave the Convention a total of forty-three participants, which included the three guest speakers and the three secretariat staff from the motherhouse of the Consolation Sisters. Of the thirty-seven voting members of the Convention, twenty-three were male and fourteen female.  

Convention members from the Order of St Augustine.

All but one of these eight religious orders and congregations have foundations in the Philippines, plus numerous other communities in a total of twelve other Asia-Pacific nations. The Discalced Augustinians (OAD) in Cebu were unable to attend, and sent their apologies. Fr Laurence Mooney OSA (Australia) was the facilitator of the Convention. 

Fr Rommel Par OSA, an Assistant General of the Order of St Augustine, was present throughout the gathering.

Recommendations of the 2008 Convention 

That the APAC Executive Council develop a Vision-Mission statement for APAC in collaboration with the Major Superiors of APAC, incorporating the justice focus of this Convention, and revise the APAC statutes as needed.

That the APAC Executive Council attend to the secretarial and commission structure of APAC, decide on the needed commissions for the coming triennium and organise leadership and membership of each commission.

That APAC immersion experiences, youth gatherings, spirituality conferences, inter-religious dialogue activities and shared initial formation experiences that include exposure/immersion are to be fostered by the Executive Council through the respective commissions, taking account of the numerous practical suggestions that were voiced at the Convention.

That regional APAC gatherings be held in several Asian countries.

That the Executive Council take account of suggestions at the Convention in regard to a permanent and interactive website for APAC.

That the Executive Council take account of expressions at the Convention to raise funds for APAC and increase membership fees.

That ongoing secretariat activities include the publication of significant talks by leaders or members, and proceedings of conferences and conventions.









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APAC encourages the sharing of ideas.






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APAC calls us to co-operate and to share.

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