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AUGNET is a website about St Augustine and his spirituality. Under the care of the Australian Province of the Order of St Augustine, it appears to be largest Augustinian site on the Internet in the English language.

Sub-titled as a reference site about Augustine and the Order of St Augustine, Augnet now includes over 450 pages on Saint Augustine: his biography, thought, ideas, impact, writings and spiritual tradition, over 100 pages on the Order of Saint Augustine (excluding its history), and over 450 pages on the history of the Order of Saint Augustine. 

Since its launch in August 2002, AUGNET has expanded from 300 pages to its present tally of over 2,600 pages. Between August 2002 and April 2006 it served 63,000 different hosts/URLs, and presumably many of these hosts visited Augnet more than once. 

The Augnet web site was completely rebuilt and appeared on the Internet on 3rd May 2006. Some of the new features of Augnet include a greatly improved site map, a search engine, and an extensive photo gallery that at this moment contains a total of over 3,300 large images. 

The first Augnet ("Mark I") went live on the Internet in August 2002. Since Augnet “Mark II” - its improved modern version - replaced it on the Internet on 3rd May 2006, there has been an increase in Augnet usage (no doubt enhanced by some of the added features such as an internal search engine and an automatically-generated sitemap, which have made the web site much more “user friendly.”) Another complete rebuild (called "Mark III") was completed and uploaded in May 2016.

Between 3rd May and 10th July 2006, over 8,700 unique hosts (i.e., different computers with unique Internet URLs/“addresses”) visited Augnet. Many visited Augnet more than once, because they made a total of over 30,400 visits within those ten weeks. 

Servers/ISPs based in 110 nations visited Augnet in those ten weeks, with the national traffic volume in descending order from USA, U.K., Australia, Canada, Korea, Philippines, China, Japan, Germany, Sweden, Netherlands, Spain, Ireland, France, Italy, Mexico, Romania, Brazil, Portugal, Singapore, South Africa, Russian Federation, Belgium, Indonesia, India, Austria, Finland, Malta, Argentina, Norway, Poland, Hong Kong, Thailand, Denmark, Turkey, New Zealand, Taiwan, Chile, Israel, Greece, Peru, Malaysia, Saudi Arabia, Switzerland, Slovakia, Nigeria, Hungary, Czechnia, United Arab Emirates, Vietnam, Colombia, Kenya, Ukraine, Slovenia, Panama, Latvia, Pakistan, Venezuela, Croatia…. (an order that possibly is partially influenced by the presence of the Order of Saint Augustine in the nations underlined).

Statistics indicated that by 28th February 2007 hosts had downloaded 1,125,682 pages of Augnet. 








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