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The APAC Executive has announced a thirty-day Augustinian Spirituality Course. It will take place from 9 October to 7 November 2017 at La Consolacion Convent, 273 Santolan Road, Metro Manila, Philippines. Telephone (02) 725-2727.


At the end of the course, the participants would have encountered God in Jesus Christ, in the light of St. Augustine's experience in his time so that their hearts are afire with the love of God and neighbor.


1. To study and reflect on the search for God of St. Augustine in the Sacred Scriptures through his life and works.

2. To appreciate and love the study of the Sacred Scriptures and pray and contemplate the Word of God in the way of St. Augustine.

3. To value and contemplate the Church as the Totus Christus.

4.  To get to know the saints of the Order and to be inspired to imitate them.

5.  To grow in Augustinian prayer and contemplation and experience the Eucharist from the perspective of St. Augustine.

6. To synthesize the elements of Augustinian spirituality.

7. To identify the aspects of Augustinian pedagogy in the light of present day teaching and catechetical methodologies.

B. To experience an Augustinian Spiritual Exercises toward personal integration and holiness as a contemporary Augustinian in the world.

9. To animate and build an Augustinian community of friends among the participants through studying together, praying together, working together and playing together.



1. The Vision of the Program: The image of Augustine with the Bible and the heart

2. The Community life: Sharing of tasks in leading creative Augustinian opening and closing prayers, in facilitating Lectio Divina, in cleaning each one's room, house, classroom, in washing dishes and one's own clothes.

3. Lectio Divina every Saturday, as part of the Synthesis activity

4. Classes conducted by students and experts in St. Augustine (see CV's of professors). Different methodologies and strategies will be used by professors with content tailored on the vision of the course.

5. Schedule of Classes: six hours a day with Saturdays as synthesis day.

6. The foreigners will be helped with extension of visas by LCCM staff.

7. The culminating and integrating activity is the Augustinian Spiritual Exercises to be held in Baguio City.

8. There will be a historical visit to San Agustin Church and Museum at Intramuros in Manila, pilgrimage to Augustinian churches in Bulacan and Pampanga.

9. A closing ceremony will compose the learnings and realizations of participants presented in a creative way by small learning communities. A certificate of attendance/participation will be awarded to participants.

10. The learning and insights derived from the study and reflection on the life, works, teachings and praxis of St. Augustine will enable the participants to grow in the spirituality of Augustine and share this to people in the varied ministries like formation, school/education, socio-pastoral, and ministries.

The speakers for the course are three religious sisters of the Augustinian Sisters of Our Lady of Consolacion, three priests from the Augustinians of the Assumption, an Augustinian Recollect friar, and two friars of the Cebu Province of the Order of St Augustine. Each of these speakers will offer from three to six successive half days of instruction.

The segments by the speakers are:

Life and Words of St Augustine – Sr Ma. Luz Mijares ASOLC
Augustine and Scripture – Sr Niceta M. Vargas ASOLC
Augustine: The  Church and Christ – Fr Czar Emmanuel Alvarez OSA
Augustinian Hagiography – Fr Eusebio Berdon OSA
Augustine and Prayer – Fr Bernard Holzer AA
Augustine and Art – Fr Richard Lamoureuz AA
Augustine on Liturgy and Eucharist – Sr Jocelyn Widwid ASOLC
Augustinian Spirituality – Fr Gia Dinh Vo Tran AA
Augustinian Retreat – Fr Laura Larlar OAR

On earlier occasions, APAC has presented Augustinian Spirituality conferences that were only one week in duration, and therefore did not cover as many topics as the October 2017 course. It is hoped that the 2017 Course will be presented again at a later date.







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