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Augustinians of the Assumption (Assumptionists)
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With the beginning of the new school year in June 2015, the three Assumptionist communities of the Philippines are busy in their routine and ministries.

The Adveniat House community, the pre-novitiate formation house at Loyola Heights in Metro Manila, consists of four religious: Father Bernard Holzer (superior), and Brothers Jay Lituañas (formator of the postulants), Rex Navarro (treasurer) and Eddy Gonzalez (who has just arrived from the United States). They welcomed two Korean postulants and five Filipino pre-postulants. Louis Grégoire, a lay volunteer, is going to return to France after his promised two years of commitment with the Assumptionist ministries locally, and will be replaced by Jérémie Gasparotto.

The Pavel community, also located in Metro Manila, is the post-novitiate formation house. It has five Assumptionists: Fathers Oswaldo Garcia Sanchez (superior and formator) and Ed Molina, and the Brothers Rodel, Leo (treasurer) and Elmer.

Finally, the Emmanuel d' Alzon Novitiate, with Father Ngoa Ya Tshihemba (master of novices and superior) and Brother Cris Quiñal (treasurer), has four novices for 2015-2016: two from the United States and one apiece from the Philippines and Mexico.

A number of ministries include the Assumptionist Language Center (ALC) next to Adveniat House. It is a fully-qualified institute for teaching the English language, and presently enrols thirty-nine students. Five of the student body are foreign priests, who live in a house near the Language Centre. When any of these residents completes to course or moves another training center or university in Manila, his place his rapidly taken by one of many other foreign priests awaiting a placement there.

Secondly, another Assumptionist ministry in Manila as in France is Bayard Asia, which in Manila designs and publishes colourful catechetical instruction booklets for children and a religious magazine in simple English. It also promotes the publications of Bayard France, and on 16-20 September 2015 again participated in the traditional International Book Fair of Manila. Bayard will participate in it.

Thirdly, KALOOB is an Assumptionist foundation in the Philippines for promoting, undertaking and funding carefully-prepared social justice projects especially in economically poor regions and typhoon-damaged areas of the Philippines. It is greatly assisted by the presence and labour of the Assumptionist postulants, novices and junior professed. Examples of ongoing capacity-building projects by KALOOB centers on Piat, which is thirteen-hour bus journey from Manila; KALOOB has been present there for five years, ever since the passage of the typhoon Ondoy in 2010. The work there includes the construction of a public water tower, and the provision of water channelling to drain stagnant water and to reduce flooding. During the recent summer Scouts from France joined this project. (See their video on Facebook)

All of the above activity is more amazing in light of the fact that the first Assumption community in the Philippines began in May 2012, after having gone to Korea in 1992. Since 2012 Fr Bernard Holzer has been the Regional Superior.  There are four separate female Assumptionist congregations in the Asia-Pacific; the Religious of the Assumption (1892), the Oblates of the Assumption (1986), the Little Sisters of the Assumption (2000) and the Orantes of the Assumption (2110). They are all present in the Philippines, three of them are also in Vietnam, and the Religious of the Assumption serve in India, Thailand and Japan as well.







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