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Fr Emmanuel d’Alzon, Assumptionist founder.

The Augustinians of the Assumption (Assumptionists) reached South Korea in 1992, and now have one community at Gwanju, where three Koreans, one Vietnamese and one Belgian undertake chaplaincies and formation. On 31st May 2012 an Assumptionist house was opened for six mentally handicapped young local men.

It is located right next door to the Assumptionist community, and is conducted by an employed specialist social worker, assisted by the Assumptionist brothers.

The Assumptionists came to the Philippines in 2006 and now have three communities, all in the vicinity of Manila at Quezon City, Antipolo (novitiate) and Marikina (postulancy). Apostolates are formation, education (language center), social work and media.

The congregation entered Vietnam in 2006, and now has two communities there. Ministries are formation, a publishing house, an orphanage and chaplaincies.

The congregation entered New Zealand from Holland over fifty years ago, and has one community, containing one New Zealander and three Dutchmen.

There are four separate female Assumptionist congregations in the Asia-Pacific; the Religious of the Assumption (1892), the Oblates of the Assumption (1986), the Little Sisters of the Assumption (2000) and the Orantes of the Assumption (2110). They are all present in the Philippines, three of them in Vietnam, and the Religious of the Assumption serve in India, Thailand and Japan as well.

Statistics of Assumptionists in Asia, January 2012*




Temporary Professed

Perpetually professed who are not priests

Perpetually professed priests


South Korea (1)     2(7)   3 5
Philippines (2) 5 (5) 8 (8) 6(9) 19
Vietnam (3) 5 (4) 5 (6) 12 5 5 32
Total 10 5 22 5 14 56

*These statistics take into account only those persons living in Asia - the ones living in other countries are not listed here.

  1. In Korea, there are 3 Koreans, 1 Vietnamese and 1 Belgian.
  2. In the Philippines there are 14 Filipinos, 1 Canadian, 1 Congolese, 1 Frenchmen, 1 Indian; 1
  3. Malagasy (Madagascar).
  4. In Vietnam: there are 32 Vietnamese.
  5. One Vietnamese postulant is in France.
  6. Three novices are in the United States: 2 Filipinos and 1 Indian.
  7. There are 6 Vietnamese novices in France.
  8. One temporally professed Korean is in France at the present time.
  9. There is 1 Filipino deacon in Mexico.
  10. There is one Filipino priest in the United States at the present time.
  11. There are 19 Vietnamese Brothers in France {12 professed, 6 novices, 1 postulant), 1 in Russia.


2017 Update: A Plan for 2020

The year 2017 has seen many decisions regarding the future of the Assumption family in the Asia-Pacific, and around the world generally.

Direction to this movement was given by the thirty-third General Chapter in Lyon, France, during the months of April and May 2017. (A General Chapter is the supreme decision instrument of a Roman Catholic religious order.) Fr Bernard Holzer (Philippines) was one of the moderators during this Chapter that re-elected Fr Benoit Grière as the Assumptionist Superior General. At the Chapter, the Assumptionist Province of Europe was inspired to promote and support the creation of the new semi-autonomous Assumptionist Vicariate of Asia-Oceania by the end of the year 2020.

The proposed Vicariate will draw together the Assumptionist ministries in various Asia-Oceania nations, some of which – for example, Korea – are presently directed from Europe and others – for example, the Philippines – are directed from North America. The Philippines, Vietnam, South Korea and New Zealand comprise this new Vicariate.








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