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The Oblates of the Assumption are a Roman Catholic multi-national religious congregation for women that was founded in 1865.
Within the Asia Pacific it has served in South Korea since1985, Vietnam since 2009, the Philippines since 2010, and more recently in other parts of Asia. In Korea they minister in parishes and nursing homes. Their ministry in Vietnam centres upon formation, in the Philippines it is Oblate formation and working with Augustinian of the Assumption in their Language Center in Metro Manila, and in other parts of Asia as nurses.

Our vocation: 

Missionary Sisters with a Vocation to work for Unity – Our Motto: Thy Kingdom Come
We are women of faith who live a life of Contemplation in Action, driven by a love of Christ, the Virgin Mary and the Church that is to be deepened continually and taken “to the world.”
We live and serve in international and intergenerational Oblate communities with an ardent desire for the coming of God’s Kingdom within us, between us and around us, open to the modern world with a passion for Mission in collaboration with our brothers, the Augustinians of the Assumption (with whom we share the same founder).
Faithful to the spirit of our founder, Emmanuel d’Alzon, we aim to live this mission as “daughters of the Church” and “workers for Unity” who seek the glory of God and the realisation of the ultimate desire of Christ: “that they may be one.” Ecumenism and Inter-Faith dialogue are, therefore, foremost in all that we do.


Seven intelligent mountain girls in France with little formal education began a missionary adventure in 1865. They “left their boats” in in France and headed for Bulgaria where their mission was to work for unity between Rome and the Orthodox world – but with the words of our Founder in their ears that their mission should continue to the “Great Walls of China,” in other words to the whole known world.
Adapting from teaching poor village children to the opening of field hospitals during the Balkan Wars, they continued with courage and imagination to the point that the Oblates of the Assumption work today in twenty-six countries across four continents.
Adapting to the needs in different mission fields, we continue to work alongside our Assumptionist Brothers. We teach, nurse, work in speech therapy, radiology, rural development, journalism, radio – in short use any skills we have as a means of working for the coming of the Kingdom of God.

In the Asia Pacific:

As of January 2016 there are sixteen Oblates in Korea. In Vietnam there are eight professed sisters and another ten still in formation, in the Philippines there are three, and there are eight in the rest of Asia.
The Oblates of the Assumption have much contact with the other autonomous congregations of the Assumptionists (all of which were separately founded by the Venerable Emmanuel d’Alzon. In Korea this includes the Augustinians of the Assumption (AA), in Vietnam the Augustinian of the Assumption (AA), Religious of the Assumption (RA), Little Sisters of the Assumption (LSA), and in the Philippines AA, RA, and the Orantes of the Assumption.
Within the broader Augustinian family the Oblates of the Assumption have contact with the firsts of the Order of St Augustine (OSA) in the Philippines and South Korea.






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