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The Order of St Augustine began by a process in which a papal decree on 9th April 1256 named Licet Ecclesiae Catholicae was a key foundational moment.

The Augustinians based their spirituality on the writings and the example of St Augustine of Hippo, who lived in North Africa centuries earlier (356 – 430 AD). Internationally the Order now operates in over forty nations from its General Curia that faces St Peter’s Square in Rome.

Over the centuries, other religious orders have branched off from the Order of St Augustine, including the Augustinian Recollects and the Discalced Augustinians; as well, other religious congregations have arisen independently within the broader Augustinian family, including the Augustinians of the Assumption that began in France after the French Revolution.

This video was used at the Augustinian International Congress for the Laity, which took place in Rome in 2012. The video was made by Brigid Geoffrion-Scannell who is a member of the graduating class of 2015 at Merrimack College, Andover, Massachusetts, U.S.A., which is an institution founded by the Order of St Augustine.

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The video comes from the web page: Merrimack College


The Order presently operates on all continents, in a total of more than forty nations. It has been continuously present in the Asia-Pacific for over four centuries. It had served in the Philippines since 1565, China (from 1680 onwards, but with lengthy interruptions), Japan (1602 -1737, and again since 1952), Australia (since 1838), India (1572 - 1840, including in what is now Bangladesh and Sri Lanka, and again since 1967), Indonesia (briefly in 1600-1601 and again since 1953), Korea (since 1985), an Augustinian presence in Thailand since 2002, and recently there have been connections made with Vietnam.


Augustinians from five Asia-Pacific nations.

In the Philippines the Order has two jurisdictions, the Vicariate of the Orient of the centuries-old Philippines Province which has a parish and a school in Manila, and the Province of Cebu that has six parishes, two quasi-parishes, a basilica, six schools (one university, two colleges, one high school, one elementary school, an institute of philosophy, and two other schools being established), two retreat houses, three formation houses, and social justice ministries. In Japan there are four parishes, a primary/middle school and two kindergartens, in Indonesia four parishes and a senior high school, in India three parishes and a large K-12 infants, junior, middle and senior high school, in Korea two retreat houses, in Papua, Indonesia five parishes, two student hostels, and a senior high school, in Australia five parishes, two high schools and a retreat centre, and in Korea two retreat centres. At this is being written in July 2012, all seven of these jurisdictions have novices – a total exceeding thirty.

At the 184th Augustinian General Chapter in September 2013, a new Prior General needed to be elected because Fr Robert Prevost OSA had already served the maximum twelve years allowed in that office. His replacement by election is Father Alejandro Moral Anton (see photo). Fr Alejandro served in his native Spain until 2001 when he was elected in Rome as Vicar General of the Order in 2001. This role involved his representation of the Order at the highest levels at ceremonies and meetings at which the Prior General was unable to attend because of other commitments.

In the years since 2013 Fr Alejandro has visited all Augustinian centres in the Asia-Pacific, and as well has called the Augustinian leaders from the Asia-Pacific to meet him for plenary meetings in the Philippines. For more information about the Augustinians, visit the Order’s international website: http://augustinians.net Its Australian website is www.augustinians.org.au  To access many hundreds of pages about the past and present activity of the Order of St Augustine all over the world, visit the website www.augnet.org, which contains a search engine.








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