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Augustinian Sisters of Divine Mercy were founded at Delft, Netherlands in 1888 by Rev. Mgr. H.L. Spoorman. The congregation extended its services to Indonesia when the Bishop of Pontianak, West Kalimantan Province successfully requested Sisters to work in Ketapang; thus on 6 December 1949 five of the Sisters came to West Kalimantan, Indonesia and established a health center for patients suffering from cholera and skin diseases.


In August 1992 the Sisters in Indonesia became an independent Indonesian congregation, and in 2014 the Augustinian Sisters of the Divine Mercy (Indonesia) undertake their sixty-third year of ministry. There are now over 115 Sisters, consisting of sixteen temporary professed (three of them come from Malaysia), ninety-four solemnly-professed Sisters, three postulants, and four novices. All Sisters live and work within Indonesia, except when a few have study courses in the Philippines.


Our apostolate embraces health care and education. In health care ministry, there are general hospitals at Kalimantan (100 beds) and at Tumpang in East Java (50 beds), four policlinics located in the hinterlands of Ketapang, and one maternity hospital in Sandai, Ketapang and two health centres.


In the education ministry there are two pre-schools, five kindergartens, two elementary schools, one junior high school (from grade seven to grade nine), and one high school with academic and vocational courses. There are six dormitories (five for girls, and one for boys) to provide a home place for students from the hinterlands or small towns who are willing to pursue their studies in city at the Junior and High school levels. 

Our pastoral services involve catechetics, parish assistance and diocesan administration. Social care involves cleft lips surgery and cataract patients. Other activities include assisting farming and plantation projects involving mahoni trees, rubber trees and other fruit trees. We are developing these model farming and plantation projects so as to teach the local farmers how further to develop their farming and management skills.

The Congregation tries to provide necessary educational funds to send capable students to pursue higher studies and or taking vocational school skills. Through our health ministry, we annually provide free medical mission to assist those who suffer from cataracts and cleft lips. In addition, we facilitate some medical aid organization to distribute medicines such as vitamins and anti-malaria treatments, as well as providing medical surgery for specific cases such as hydrocephaly, and referring impoverished patients to various medical care charities.

One of the Sisters reported, “The Sisters’ tenth general chapter took place in 2012; there it was decided to expand and increase the quality of our educational ministry. Secondly, we are still developing our Fatima Hospital, which just recently underwent its first accreditation to evaluate the quality of its services and its management system. Thirdly, we wish to prepare some Sisters to study overseas about the Augustinian charism and spirituality.”


The Sisters live in seventeen communities located in seven Indonesian dioceses in Kalimantan, Java, and West Papua; ten of these communities are located in Kalimantan, which is the main area of the Congregation's apostolate where the Mother House is also located; two in the Pontianak diocese and one in the Palanokarava diocese, all are located in West Kalimantan Province. Of the other communities, two are in East Java, and three in West Papua in apostolates associated with the friars of the Order of St Augustine. The novitiate moved to Pontianak in 2007, and the postulancy is at Ketapang.

One of the Sisters reported, “Our lives are busy and fulfilling. They bear witness to the mercy of God that is alive and active both in us and in all those we meet. We believe that God will bless our Congregation to bring the good news to the people who need our help.”

Who to contact:

For information about the Sisters and the life they lead, write to Sister Superior General, Biara Suster St Augustinus, Jalan Jend Sudirman No 31 Ketapang, 78813  Kalimantan Barat, Indonesia.   







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