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The Congregation of the Augustinian Missionary Sisters (popularly known by their Spanish name, Agustinas Misioneras) had its remote origins in an initiative in 1883 that led to the founding of the Agustinas Misioneras in 1890.

Agustinas Miioneras founders.

In 1883 the contemplative Augustinian Sisters of the Beaterio of St Augustine in Barcelona, Spain, were invited by the friars of the Order of St Augustine to go to the Philippines, which at that time was a Spanish colony. The Sisters responded positively, and within a few years were conducting two schools for orphans in the city of Manila. And then in 1890, three Augustinian Sisters from the Beaterio of St Augustine in Barcelona, Mothers Querubina Samarra, Mónica Mujal (both of them were among the sisters who had gone to Manila in 1883) and Clara Cantó, founded a new community with a novitiate in Madrid, Spain; it was canonically erected as an a separate congregation from the Beaterio on 6th May 1890, and thus the Agustinas Misioneras Congregation was born.


Today Agustinas Misioneras work in seventeen nations. Internationally there are approximately 440 Sisters, novices and postulants.

Asia-Pacific includes China (1925-1950, and again from 1998), India (since 1985), Taiwan (2001) and the Philippines (since 2010). In the Asia-Pacific, the Agustinas Misioneras have a total of seventy-five Sisters.

Of the sixty-one in India, fifty-nine are locally born and one is Spaniard and one Portuguese. In China, five are Chinese and two are Indian. Of the four in Taiwan, two are Indians, one is African, and one a Peruvian.

Agustinas Misioeras Sisters in the Philippines.

The Agustinas Misioneras have nine communities in India, located across four Indian states. Four communities are in Karnataka State: three in Bengaluru (the Delegation House, Novitiate and a Hostel) and one in Chikkodi; three in Tamil Nadu State: one in Onnalvadi, other in Dharmapuri and other one in Chennai; one in Andhra Pradesh State, in Narasannapeta and one in Meghalaya State in Jonglapara.

The ministry involves a hostel for the students and working women, social work among village women, education in our own school and collaboration with other congregations and pastoral work.

Since late 2010 there has been a community of three Indian-born Agustinas Misioneras in the Philippines at Pangasinan, Dagupan, involved in teaching and campus ministry.


The Agustinas Misioneras are impelled by their missionary spirit to project this dimension beyond home frontiers. By means of education, especially of children and youth, and human development programs, the Sisters work with people in the process of full self-realization so that they can be persons aware of their dignity, able to enjoy health, able to be critical, open to transcendent values, and committed by means of the Kingdom to the creation of a more just and human society.

Their specific mission to evangelize through education and human development programs is fulfilled today in the schools of the Congregation and in other schools, in working with children in need, in day-care centers, in residences for youth, in pastoral activities, in human development programs for women, and in health-care and social work.

As to Charism, the following of Christ leads the Agustinas Misioneras to carry out our mission in complete availability to the calling of the Spirit. We do this through education and human development programs paying attention to areas of poverty and great need and mission territories in foreign lands. The Sisters live this out in a community of faith, love and prayer, in attitude of searching, openness, and evangelical simplicity that takes up and shares in the task entrusted to each sister.

Sister Piedad Pacho (see photo) was elected as the international leader of the Agustinas Misioneras in October 2013. Born in Spain, she has served as a teacher, and has held several official positions in the Congregation. From 1984 until 2013 she was stationed at Kenya and Tanzania in Africa.








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