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In this section, there is a virtual library of reputable articles about St Augustine, his thought, and Augustinian spirituality. Varying in length from 700 words to 14,000 words, these articles have been chosen because of their quality, and their centrality and relevance to the matters being explained. They appear with copyright permission for their downloading for private and teaching (but not for commercial) purposes.


All authors are thanked for their generosity. As well, further authors have kindly promised material for this virtual library, and these articles will be uploaded here as soon as they arrive.

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Francis Martin OSA: Christus Medicus – Christ the Doctor

Ever conscious of the spiritual healing and restoration he himself experienced in Christ’s loving embrace and tender care, Augustine used the Latin phrase Christus Medicus, which translated as ”Christ the doctor” or “Christ the healer.”


George Lawless OSA: Augustine growing up

On 9 March 2013 the death occurred of an Augustinian scholar, Fr George Patrick Lawless O.S.A. This hour-long lecture shows the great breadth of his knowledge about St Augustine of Hippo.

Alejandro Moral Antón OSA: Year of Consecrated Life 2014 – 2015

To search for a necessary and suitable renewal of religious life as a concrete way to celebrate the “YEAR OF CONSECRATED LIFE”.


Joseph Farrell OSA: Good counsel – a gift of the Holy Spirit

The readings which we proclaimed today in our Mass are readings which come from a selection of options for the Mass of the Holy Spirit. They remind us of the promise of the gift of the Spirit.


Pope Francis: Homily of restlessness at OSA General Chapter in 2013

"You have made us for yourself, and our heart is restless until it rests in you" (Confessions, 1, 1, 1). With these famous words St Augustine addresses God in his Confessions, and these words sum up his whole life.


David Kelly OSA: St. Augustine on Interiority: Spirituality of the Heart

In the religious order that I belong to – the Order of St. Augustine – we have an insignia or emblem which consists of a heart pierced by an arrow and this is depicted above an open book of the scriptures.  This emblem appears to have been suggested by Augustine’s words in his classic work, Confessions:


Ted Tack OSA: If Augustine Were Alive Today

A humble confession, it is said, is good for the soul. Allow me then to open my mind to you and make just such a confession. 


Ted Tack OSA: Augustinian Reflections on the Spiritual Life

People approach the study of Augustine with quite a bit of skepticism, asking themselves, “What can this guy, who’s been dead sixteen centuries, possibly have to say to me with my problems?”


Jean-François Petit aa: Thomas Merton and Augustine

This article was written by Jean-François Petit a.a. for the magazine, “Itinéraires augustiniens," of the Augustinians of the Assumption. It was later translated into English for APAC by the North American Assumptionist Province. Reproduced with permission.  


Jean-François Petit aa: Community Life: from ideal to reality

This article was written by Jean-François Petit a.a. for the magazine, “Itinéraires augustiniens," of the Augustinians of the Assumption. It was later translated into English for APAC by the North American Assumptionist Province. Reproduced with permission.



Jean-François Petit aa: The Art of Discernment

This article was written in French by Jean-François Petit aa for the magazine, “Itinéraires augustiniens," of the Augustinians of the Assumption. It was later translated into English for APAC by the North American Assumptionist Province. Reproduced with permission.  


Augustinian Historical Commission: Augustine - A Biography

The Augustinian Historical Commission of the Province of Australia published a number of Augustinian studies monographs during and immediately after the year 1980. This monograph now appears on this APAC website with permission. Commercial reproduction not permitted.


Laurence Mooney OSA: St Augustine and the Word of God

This article was written as a minor thesis in 1965, and is reproduced with permission of its author. A number in bold font at the end of a sentence or quotation refers to an endnote at the end of this article. Copyright © 1968 and 2012. It may be reproduced for private and non-commercial educational use. Messages sent to enquiry(at)apacweb.org <type e-mail address in blue will be forwarded to the author.


Laurence Mooney OSA: In Search of God in Augustinian Spirituality

Searching for God in one's own life is at the heart of Augustinian spirituality. Augustine is best known to many for his arduous search as a young man for truth, beauty and peace, all movingly related to us in his Confessions


Laurence Mooney OSA: Origins of Augustinian Community

Augustine is dramatically enlightened by God with his closest friend Alypius beside him, who is converted in the same event. He is baptised with Alypius and his own son, and he immediately lives in a group – a community. Augustine lives in a community for the rest of his life (43 more years). 


Tony Banks OSA: Augustine – Educator, Advisor, Parent

I make few claims to be an expert on Saint Augustine. Rather I am a gatherer of material prepared by others and synthesized to meet the needs of the group I have been asked to address. So what you have tonight is my own only in terms of the synthesis and not of the content, which comes from material of more distinguished people than myself.


Brian Lowery OSA: Reflections on some “spontaneous” prayers in the Confessions of St Augustine

This is one of three articles by Fr Brian Lowery OSA that is made available on this website by the author’s kind permission. It may be downloaded for non-commercial, private and educational uses. In 1995 Fr Lowery moved to the historic Augustinian monastery (founded there soon after the year 1280) at San Gimignano, which is near Siena, Italy and made it a retreat centre. 


Brian Lowery OSA: The Subtle Presence of God amid the pages of the Confessions of St Augustine.

This article was originally presented as three talks to the Augustinian novices at Racine, Wisconsin, USA on three consecutive nights: 8th – 10th February 2010. This is one of three articles by Fr Brian Lowery OSA that is made available on this website by the author’s kind permission. It may be downloaded for non-commercial, private and educational uses.


Brian Lowery OSA: St Augustine - his journey out and back

I would like to start out our weekend retreat on the Confessions of St. Augustine listening to what someone else said about the book. That comes from the great mystic, St Teresa of Avila who had a tremendous feeling for St Augustine and as a young girl was a student at a school of Augustinian nuns in Spain.


Brian Lowery OSA: Providence in the Confessions of St Augustine

This is a lecture by Fr Brian Lowery OSA (Prior and Director at Convento Sant’Agostino, San Gimignano, Tuscany, Italy). He delivered it at Saint Kieran's Church, Manly Vale, Australia on 12th September 2003, and at the Parish of Saint James, Brisbane, Australia on 15th September 2003.


Tarsisius van Bavel OSA: Comments on the Rule of St Augustine

These comments, attributed to Fr Tarcisius van Bavel O.S.A., were made during discussions on papers given at the Seminar on Augustinian Formation held in Rome in 1981.


Robert Prevost, OSA: The Servant Leader in the Perspective of Augustinian Spirituality

This article takes a concept of leadership strategy that was highlighted in the 1970s and shows it is present in the writings of St Augustine. “There are some Augustinian insights to human experience that give a deeper appreciation for this type of leadership, a style of leadership that is needed in Augustinian communities today.” Ten Augustinian values are presented during this talk: listening, empathy, healing, awareness, persuasion, conceptualization, foresight, stewardship, commitment to the growth of people, and building community.  


Fray Julius Tubid OSA: Lumen Fidei and Evangelii Gaudium: The Church’s Response to God’s Call to Serve

Everyone in our Church today speaks of “new evangelization” as a current trend of addressing the pressing problems in relation to the modern world.


Fray Robert Lingo, OSA: Be A Rebel of the Gospel: Pope Francis’ Message to the Youth, A Message to All Believers

       Pope Francis paints a very unconventional image in my mind. An image of a person in a very important office but is not afraid to get down and dirty. Pope Francis’ projects an aura of a radical person, humble, sincere and authentic. His character does not fail to impress and inspire the Catholic flock.


Fray Reo Cabahug OSA: Service in the Life and Mind of Augustine

Job promotions are considered as rewards because they are usually given to the few people who are recognized as adept and responsible persons, not to mention that privileges and honor are presumably attached to them. While most people would covet and even kill for such rare opportunities, Augustine, however, weeps during his own ascent to the ecclesiastical hierarchy without any pretension.


Fr Miguel Angel Orcasitas OSA: An Augustinian School

     "The specific purpose of our schools is the Christian formation and education of the students..... .so that we teach the truth with love, and the students acquire, along with a human and scientific culture, a knowledge of the world, of life, and of humanity that is enlightened by faith." (OSA Constitutions, n. 179)


Michael Morahan OSA: St Augustine and friendship

    Friendship is something very important to most people. In fact St Augustine believed that in this world two things are essential: life and friendship. God created people to breathe and be alive. But mere life is not enough: if a human being is to be a real person then there must be friendship.


Michael Morahan O.S.A. (ed): Augustine Speaks about Teaching

These are quotations from various works of St Augustine that were gathered by the late Fr Michael Morahan O.S.A. when he was Principal (Rector) of Villanova College, Coorparoo, Brisbane, Australia between 1995 and 2009 inclusive. He was also a member of the Order’s international Commission for Educational Centres.


Michael Morahan OSA: St Augustine and students

     Augustine was a skilled teacher. Despite never having taught in a modern school his experience in the classroom and his reflections on teaching are extensive and give some pointers to the climate we could come to expect in an Augustinian class room and school.


John McCall OSA: The Spirituality of St Augustine Expressed by his choice of Language

This article by John McCall OSA of the Augustinian Centre for Spirituality, Greystanes (Sydney), Australia, and then appeared in the Prayer Resource supplement edited by Fr Paul Maloney O.S.A. for the November 2011 issue of Amici, the newsletter of the Friends of St Augustine (Australia). 


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