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Fr Bernard Holzer aa (APAC President) and Sr Imelda Mora OSA (APAC Vice President).


General enquiries and business related to APAC should be sent to the APAC Secretariat at the following e-mail address:  This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or write to

APAC Secretariat,
c/o Augustinian Sisters of Our Lady of Consolation,
273 Santolan Road,
San Juan, Metro Manila, Philippines

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The APAC Executive

For its entire existence of over thirty years, APAC has adopted an operating structure of (1) a central executive committee (president, vice-president, treasurer and secretary, all involved in a honorary capacity), (2) a series of task-specific commissions that have varied in number and description in response to different perceived needs and priorities at different times, and (3) a secretariat.

The executive committee is charged with the overall responsibility of guiding APAC in the three-year period between one APAC Convention and the next. On behalf of the member congregations of APAC and the thousands of male and female Religious they have living and ministering through the Asia-Pacific, the executive committee possesses supreme authority of APAC, as outlined in the APAC Statutes. Even so, this authority has to be gently exercised, because APAC is a voluntary association, has no juridic or coercive authority, and leads by exhortation only.

The executive meets a number of times per year, even if attendance of all personnel is not possible. Full attendance was often physically difficult – or even impossible - during some previous executive terms because of members who lived away from Manila, and even outside of the Philippines.

The Commissions

Those commissions that have endured the decades, on the other hand, have evolved within their role, e.g., the Commission on Communications has moved from ink to electronics - from thirty years of producing the printed APAC Bulletin to the creation and maintenance of this APACWEB website, and soon hopefully into conducting an e-Newsletter and an e-Forum as well. The Commissions are appointed for the three years until the next APAC Convention, and the commission members (from three to twelve persons, depending on the nature of each commission) are nominated by the Executive for a similar term once each person has received the consent of his or her congregational leader in the Asia-Pacific region.The commissions are the factory floor of APAC. The present commissions are named Vocation and Youth, Formation and Spirituality, Education, Communications, and Justice, Peace and Integrity of Creation. Some of them have existed with their present role description for decades, while others are the combination of two areas that previously each had a separate commission apiece. As well, some previous commissions have been allowed to lapse, as newer commissions were devised as having a more relevant role description. 

The Secretariat is anticipated that, with some of these commissions, all of the members will not meet together during their three-year term of office, as some members are based in Asia-Pacific nations as far apart as Australia and India, and Indonesia and Japan; indeed there have been persons on the same commission for a number of three-year terms who have never met one another face-to-face. Be that so, members nevertheless contribute their ideas to the commission, and strive to forward its work in their own section of the Asia-Pacific. Furthermore, in the composition of the commissions an effort is made to ensure that a good number of the APAC member congregations have a voice in contributing ideas and asking assistance of a given commission.

The Secretariat that has taken care of whatever office duties that have been necessary for an organisation to function. The Secretariat has also acted as a day-to-day focal point of exchange for receiving and addressing enquiries, and has also maintained an archival role in related to APAC documentation. Throughout most of the present decade, the Secretariat has physically existed in an office within the Motherhouse of the Augustinian Sisters of Our Lady of Consolacion at San Juan, Metro Manila, Philippines, thanks to the generosity of the Consolacion Sisters. This office has often become a point for APAC meetings in Manila, and the secretarial officials and staff of the Motherhouse have acted as helpful guardians of the APAC Office when messages have arrived there during times that it is unattended. 


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APAC supports the efforts of our member congregations.







APAC encourages the sharing of ideas.






APAC increases our common awareness of values.






APAC reflects on the gifts that interiority brings us.






APAC draws us closer to the God who unites us.






APAC serves the diverse common needs of its member congregations.






APAC calls us to co-operate and to share.


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