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Fr Eusebio Berdon OSA, APAC President 1987-1990.

The eleventh triennial APAC Convention that was originally scheduled to occur at Aluva, India on 11th to 14th October 2011 did not take place.

As a result, this Convention was rescheduled to the days of 27th-29th February 2012, to take place at Villa Consuelo Retreat House, Novaliches, near Manila, in the Philippines, thanks to the Augustinian Sisters of Our Lady of Consolacion.

Unfortunately, this necessary change of venue breaks the general pattern established of alternating the location of these conventions between places within the Philippines and places outside of the Philippines.

Most APAC member congregations have at least some of their houses in the Philippines, and as a result most of the religious embraced by APAC live in the Philippines. It is therefore most convenient for most delegates if APAC conventions take place in the Philippines, and these conventions have a greater number of delegates and range of congregations attending than do APAC conventions held in other nations.

The conducting of conventions in other nations can easily be justified, however, because it brings APAC in a very visible form to these nations, and gives the convention participants a first-hand view of other cultures and ministerial approaches.


APAC Conventions

1st APAC Convention, Intramuros, February 1980
2nd APAC Convention, Intramuros, January 1984
3rd APAC Convention, La Consolacion, Jan 1987
4th APAC Convention, La Consolacion, Jan 1990
5th APAC Convention, Nagasaki, May 1993
6th APAC Convention, Iloilo City, August 1996
7th APAC Convention, Sydney, September 1999
8th APAC Convention, Cebu, September 2002

APAC Presidents

1977-1980 -  (Interim) Fr Miguel Manrique OSA
1980-1982 - Fr Miguel Manrique OSA
1982-1983 - Fr Eduardo Perez OSA
1984-1987 - Mo. Leontina Castillo OSA
1987-1990 - Fr Eusebio Berdon OSA
1990-1993 - Fr Michael Sullivan OSA
1993-1996 - Fr Michael Hilden OSA
1996-1999 - Fr Laurence Mooney OSA
1999-2002 - Mo. Teresita OSA / Sr Ma. Luz Mijares OSA
2002-2005 - Fr Richard Pido OSA
2005-2008 - Fr Michael Sullivan OSA
2008-2011 - Fr Tony Banks OSA
2012-2104 - Fr Bernard Holzer aa


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APAC supports the efforts of our member congregations.







APAC encourages the sharing of ideas.






APAC increases our common awareness of values.






APAC reflects on the gifts that interiority brings us.






APAC draws us closer to the God who unites us.






APAC serves the diverse common needs of its member congregations.






APAC calls us to co-operate and to share.


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