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From the humble beginnings of the six-page first issue written mainly by the interim APAC President, Fr Miguel Manrique OSA, the APAC Bulletin has developed into a 28-page biannual printed production, printed and distributed from Manila.

It contained news of forthcoming APAC-sponsored events, reports of recent APAC activities, news articles about pastoral initiatives in APAC member congregations, occasional articles on Augustinian spirituality, comprehensive reports of the triennial APAC conventions, and a combined initial formation report that gave a six-monthly overview of receptions, first vows, final vows, major jubilees of profession and ordination, ceremonies of diaconate and priesthood. In this way, it was a news magazine, rather than simply a newspaper, and was a journal of historical record rather than a magazine of ongoing formation.

Although the APAC Bulletin was very occasionally produced more frequently than twice a year and in some years failed to appear, the APAC Bulletin has provided a good record of APAC’s achievements for over three decades. Over and above what news value that each issue of the APAC Bulletin had at its time of publication, the value of the entire collection of issues of the APAC Bulletin over the past thirty years is an admirable historical record.

The APAC Communications Commission proposed to the eleventh triennial APAC Convention in February 2012 that APAC might have to change from communicating via the printed word to utilizing the ever-present Internet. The attraction of catching up with this “sign of the times” was that news could be transmitted – and ideas interactively exchanged – instantaneously and with less financial cost to APAC (with the postage costs of airmailing copies of the APAC Bulletin to at least nine Asia-Pacific nations and to superiors general in Rome exceeded the actual printing costs of each issue).

Immediately after their appointment, the incoming APAC Executive eagerly grasped the proposal of the Communications Commission, and within six months of the APAC Convention of February 2102 a seventy-page APAC website (www.apacweb.org) has come to life, and will expand to 200 pages when all APAC member congregations present their information and news for uploading.

In taking this modern step, the members of the APAC Communications Commission are aware that going electronic will not be a total solution to the communications challenge of obtaining and transmitting APAC news to and from at least seven Asia-Pacific nations as geographically scattered as New Zealand and India, Japan and Australia. There are places in the Asia-Pacific where the Internet is still expensive to use, and where Internet connections are unreliable and/or at the mercy of the irregular transmission services for electricity.

As of May 2012, however, the printed APAC Bulletin is no longer in production. It this its final end? Well, only time will tell. It may need to be revived in a more simple form for places on the APAC map where Internet service is not yet convenient or adequate. A future APAC Bulletin may need to re-emerge as a paper-based version of news pages that are printed off the APAC website and mailed to areas of poor Internet access. Yes, time will tell.

The APAC Correspondents, who supplied news to the APAC Bulletin, still have their role to play in offering the same type of information to the APAC website. They have moved from having a deadline every six months to now having a deadline every minute!

 A Change of medium in 2012

The Commission on Communications has in the past been responsible for the publication of the APAC Bulletin, and has for the past six years regularly produced 28-page issues twice a year.

In February 2012, however, the Eleventh Triennial APAC Convention of February 2012 APAC Executive took on board a proposal from the Commission on Communications that it “go electronic.”  The Eleventh Triennial APAC Convention of February 2012 thus proposed: That the Commission on Communications shall work with the Executive Council on the plan to have e-publication.

Consequently, production of the printed APAC Bulletin was halted after the issue of May 2012, and this website, www.apacweb.org has now become the main activity of the Commission on Communications. Beyond the listing of the activities of the association and the member Congregations, the website will offer documents, articles and visual material to study and promote the teachings and spirituality of St Augustine, offering somewhat of a virtual library.

 The network of APAC Correspondents in different APAC member Congregations in various Asia-Pacific nations will henceforth be news gatherers not for a six-monthly printed APAC Bulletin, but for an APAC website that is accessible to its readers twenty-four hours a day!

A Status Report on this APAC website in July 2014 noted that the website then contained eighty-three pages, and that it is regularly being checked for technical faults and is having additional pages added.  For more information, go the the Commission on Communications


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