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APAC Eleventh Triennial Convention 2012

An APAC Convention rescheduled

Delegates from Australia, Indonesia and Korea.

The eleventh triennial APAC Convention that was originally scheduled to occur at Aluva, India on 11th-14th October 2011 did not take place. Its postponement became necessary when it became obvious that difficulty in obtaining entry visas to India in sufficient time would mean that the presence of all intending delegates would not have been possible.

As a result, this Convention was rescheduled to the days of 27th - 29th February 2012, to take place at Villa Consuelo Retreat House, Novaliches, near Manila, in the Philippines, thanks to the Augustinian Sisters of Our Lady of Consolacion.

Unfortunately, this necessary change of venue breaks the general pattern established of alternating the location of these conventions between places within the Philippines and places outside of the Philippines.

Most APAC member congregations have at least some of their houses in the Philippines, and as a result most of the religious embraced by APAC live in the Philippines. It is therefore most convenient for most delegates if APAC conventions take place in the Philippines, and these conventions have a greater number of delegates and range of congregations attending than do APAC conventions held in other nations.

The conducting of conventions in other nations can easily be justified, however, because it brings APAC in a very visible form to these nations, and gives the convention participants a first-hand view of other cultures and ministerial approaches.

 Convention Agenda

                The eleventh triennial APAC Convention successfully occurred on 27th– 29th February 2012 at Villa Consuelo Retreat House in the Del Rey Ville subdivision, Camarin Novaliches, Caloocan City, 1422 Philippines, not far from Manila. There were twenty Convention participants from ten different congregations and jurisdictions.

The APAC Convention began on Monday morning, 27th February with registration, orientation and an Opening Mass at which the presider was Fr Tony Banks OSA, who was ending his three-year term as APAC President. The remainder of the day was devoted to APAC reports and reports from ten the religious congregations and circumscriptions present.

APAC Executive, 2012-2014.

Tuesday morning was devoted to Augustinians at the United Nations, for which the speaker was Fr Emeka Xris Obiezu OSA, Ph.D., who is a member of the Augustinian delegation at the United Nations. Tuesday afternoon was spent in formulating APAC proposals for the next triennial period.

Wednesday morning saw the finalization of proposals, and election of the APAC Executive members for 2012 – 2014: Fr Bernard Holzer a.a. (President), Sr Imelda Mora OSA (Vice President), Fr Andrew Batayola OSA. (Treasurer) and Sr Jocelyn Widwid OSA (Secretary General). The Convention concluded with a Eucharistic celebration at 11.30 am.



The 2012 APAC Convention endorsed the following proposals to be implemented during the next four years:

#1  That the Commission on Formation and Spirituality shall come up with joint programs for those in initial formation, retreat for APAC formators and  spirituality conference for religious coordinators and administrators, and spirituality conference for lay affiliates and partners in the ministry.

#2  That the Commission on Communication shall work with the Executive Council on the plan to have e-publication.

#3  That the Vocation and Youth Commission shall continue with a vocation promotion event and the vocation jamborees, and coordinate with the Executive Council to work for the youth program.

#4  That the Education Commission shall implement the program of the Augustinian Values Institute (AVI) and follow-up programs.

#5  That the Commission on Justice and Peace and Integrity of Creation (JPIC) shall work with UN team for the development of skills and advocacy and research leading to structural change in society. We ask the new commission to propose future structures related to JPIC.

#6  That the executive council re-establish ties with all existing and possible members of APAC.


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