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APAC Ninth Triennial Convention 2005

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The Keynote Address at the 2005 APAC Convention, “Servant Leadership in Augustinian Spirituality.”

Order of St Augustine – Delegation of Korea

The ninth triennial APAC Convention took place in Incheon, South Korea on 24th-30th July 2005. It was held at a spacious retreat centre of the St Paul de Chartres Sisters. The entire experience took place in an unbroken mood of hospitality and true Augustinian community. The Opening Mass was a colourful liturgical experience, involving the flags of the participant nations and a team of traditional Korean drummers in costume.

The Closing Mass was conducted at Augustinian Priory, Incheon. This allowed the attendance of many Korean lay friends, some of whom wore the traditional Korean national dress. A choir of Korean women assisted the liturgy. At this Mass, as has happened throughout the convention, the Augustinians of Korea were very hospitable. Each APAC delegate was introduced individually to the congregation, and given a Korean cultural gift. 

There were twenty-three delegates: one Augustinian Recollect, one Augustinian of the Assumption, three Augustinian Sisters of Our Lady of Consolation (Philippines), two Augustinian Sisters of God’s Mercy (Indonesia), and sixteen members of the Order of Saint Augustine. These were Frs. Robert Prevost OSA and Eusebio Berdon OSA from the General Curia, and delegates from Australia, India, Japan, Korea, Papua, and the Philippines.

Delegates were formally welcomed to Korea by Brother Barnabas Jeong-Dok Kim OSA, the superior of the Region of Korea. The Prior General, Very Rev Robert Prevost OSA, who attended the first three days of the convention, delivered the keynote address, “Leadership as Servanthood in Augustinian Spirituality.” A summary of this address appears in Section 4 DOWNLOADS of this APAC website.

Other delegates to deliver papers at the convention were Fr Eduardo Perez OSA  (Vicariate of the Orient),  and Fr Lauro Larlar OAR (Augustinian Recollects, Philippines).

The convention appreciated local assistance on the convention secretariat, such that at the end of the convention delegates each received the proceedings, all documents, and even some convention photographs burned on a CD-ROM.


The resolutions of the convention generally called for the repetition of all past activities and initiatives. For example, in building on past successes, it was agreed to continue offering occasionally combined courses in Manila for novices and candidates in temporary vows, and to have once more an APAC conference in Augustinian spirituality and social justice.

As well as continue with the four APAC commissions then existing (Formation/Spirituality, Youth, Social Justice and Apostolate), the creation of a Communications Commission was undertaken. This was in response to a felt need to enhance communications between APAC member congregations, and for these congregations in the Asia-Pacific to publicise their goals, achievements and needs to the other sections of their religious congregations outside of the Asia-Pacific.

The Ninth Triennial APAC Convention (Incheon, 2005) fulfilled its purpose as a clearing house for the exchange of ideas and for agreeing on combined initiatives by these various congregations formed in the tradition of Saint Augustine of Hippo.


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