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The thirteenth triennial conference and convention of the Asia-Pacific Augustinian Conference (APAC) took place on 2-7 October 2017 at the Sto. Nino Spirituality Center (see photo) at Tolo-tolo, near Consolacion in the Cebu region of the southern Philippines.
These gatherings carried the theme, “Evangelization in the Asia Pacific: Augustinian Collaboration 2017-2021.” The APAC Conference is a gathering open to all APAC participants, mainly from the Philippines but also from Australia, Japan, Korea, and India. The Conference has educational and information-sharing functions, whereas the Convention that immediately follows it is APAC’s supreme decision-making entity whose participants are appointed according to the APAC Constitutions. Well over forty persons attended the Conference (see photo), of whom eighteen then moved into the Convention.

The religious orders and congregations represented were (female congregations) Augustinian Sisters of our Lady of Consolation (ASOLC), Augustinian Missionaries of the Philippines, Missionary Servants of the Holy Trinity, Augustinian Missionaries of the Philippines, Augustinian Sisters of Divine Love, and Augustinian Sisters of Divine Mercy. Male orders and congregations present were the Augustinian Recollects (OAR), Discalced Augustinians (OAD), Augustinians of the Assumption (AA) and all seven Asia-Pacific jurisdictions of the Order of St Augustine (OSA) - two in the Philippines, Australia, India, Indonesia (West Papua), Japan and Korea.

Words of welcome to the Conference were delivered by Sr. Niceta M. Vargas of the Augustinian Sisters of Our Lady of Consolation (ASOLC); she became APAC Vice-President during the present triennium when she assumed office as ASOLC Superior General.

On Day One of the Conference on 2 October 2017, the keynote address of the Conference was given by Fr Bernard Holzer aa (Augustinians of the Assumption). He served as the APAC President for two terms, i.e., 2012-2014 and 2015-2017. His President’s Address appears on another page of this website.
On Day Two of the Conference on 3 October 2017, the first major presentation focused on evangelization. It was presented by Fr Czar Emmanuel Alvarez OSA (Cebu Province). His presentation extended through the two morning sessions, and participants had the opportunity to discuss the topic in the afternoon session led by Sr Ma. Luz Mijares ASOLC, who was APAC President in 2002. APAC participants from a number of different Asia-Pacific nations then addressed the gathering upon evangelization from their own pastoral and national perspectives.

Day Three of the Conference featured Fr Francisco Mario SJ upon a further expansion of the topic, “The Situation of Evangelization in the Asia-Pacific.” This occupied the two morning sessions, and the afternoon brought discussion time and addresses by some of the participants in the light of their own experience of evangelization.

On Day Four of the Conference on 5 October 2017, the final major presentation was given Fr Fr Tony Banks OSA of the Australasian Province; he is an Assistant General in Rome. His topic was, “On Augustine’s the City of God: justice, and peace.”
Finally, the Conference reviewed the progress of APAC during the past three years, and then proposed collaboration and related goals for the 2017-2020 timeframe. These Proposals were then taken to the APAC Convention that followed, where they were formally approved and hence became the official APAC Resolutions for the 2017 - 2020 period. These Proposals appear on another page of this website. 
Days Five and Six moved from “conference” activities to “convention” activities. This included the election of a new executive team  <Genesis, link to ID364> for 2017 – 2020, and the discussion and voting upon the conference proposals. 
According to the APAC Statutes, every alternate triennial Conference and Convention are held in the Philippines, and all others in various Asian-Pacific nations where APAC is represented. This plan will be adopted as usual in the year 2020, and the nation which will be its venue will be announced when all relevant matters have been finalised.

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