APAC Convention Youth Encounter 2014

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The APAC Convention Youth Encounter that took place at Ketapang, Indonesia on 25th-29th October 2014, immediately after the Twelfth Triennial APAC Convention that took place at the same venue.

Participants from Indonesia and the Philippines - approximately 250 teachers and students - came from the schools of the Divine Mercy Sisters in Ketapang, youth groups around Ketapang Diocese, and the schools in the Philippines of Augustinian friars and Augustinian Sisters of Our Lady of Consolation (ASOLC) Sisters.

Technology played a major role in this event as they shared stories and experiences through their phone - Google Translator. Events like this continue to prove that language barrier can easily be overcome by friendship and acceptance. Input from three Convention delegates guided the young adults in their Encounter discussions and activities.

These three speakers were Fr Bernard Holzer aa (APAC two-term President 2012-2017), Fr Andrew Batayola osa (APAC Treasurer 2012-2014) and Fr Victor Gonzaga osa (APAC Treasurer 2014-2107).

The APAC Youth Encounter was highlighted by two major activities: the evening prayer procession and the beach clean-up with the involvement of the local government.  For the latter activity everyone gathered for a day at the beach about twenty minutes outside of town for an environmental clean-up of the sea shore, games, singing and dancing and fellowship – an afternoon of coconut, fruits and fresh sea shells!