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APAC Statutes for 2014 - 2017

An APAC Convention is the only authority for amending the Statutes. The only change made at the 2014 Convention was the addition of Statute 3.1, which below is printed in red. These therefore are the Statutes in force until the next convention in 2017.



Article 1

The Asia Pacific Augustinian Conference (APAC) is a voluntary association open to all Augustinian congregations following the Rule and spirituality of St Augustine in the Asia-Pacific area, established to strengthen the ties of the Augustinian Families and to provide assistance to, and enhance collaboration among the members in areas or initiatives of common interest to all.

Article 2

 Given the autonomy granted to member-groups by their respective Constitutions, the decisions of the Convention and Executive Council are not juridically binding. Upon registration, however, member-groups are urged to cooperate with such decisions.


Article 3

The Objectives of the Conference are:

  1. 1 To promote Augustinian spirituality and values among members of communities and institutions;
  2. 2 To meet the need for close communication at all levels, foster relations and develop forms of assistance among all the members;
  3. 3 To promote projects at local, national, and international levels; 
  4. 4 To promote vocations to our Augustinian Families, better formation of our candidates and ongoing formation; and
  5. 5 To increase our common awareness of the values, needs and aspirations of the people of Asia and the Pacific, especially those of the poor and the young, and to develop new models of evangelization.


Article 4

Levels of Membership

  1. 1 Full membership confers the rights to participation on the Executive Council, leadership of APAC Commissions, and full participatory rights in the activities of APAC. Full membership requires regular payment of membership fees.
  2. 2 Associate membership confers participatory rights of membership of commissions and participatory rights in the activities of APAC. Associate memberships also requires payment of their associate membership fees.

New applications for membership by an Augustinian congregation to the Conference will be formalized during the triennial Convention at the proposal of the President and Council.


Article 5

The Convention will normally be convoked every three years and is to be held alternately in the Philippines and in another country of the Asia-Pacific Region. Congregations with full membership or associate membership are entitled to attend the Triennial Convention.

5.1   With the right to vote in election of Officers

    5.1.1 Major Superiors and Delegation Superiors of full member-groups, who reside in the APAC Region, or their delegates;

    5.1.2 One delegate from each full member-group and an additional one delegate for every 50 religious in Solemn/Perpetual vows;

    5.1.3 Retiring members of the Executive Council who do not otherwise have the right to vote may also participate in elections of Officers.

5.2 With the right to vote on resolutions at the Convention:

     5.2.1 All of the above delegates;

     5.2.2 Major Superiors and Delegation Superiors of Associate member groups who reside in the APAC region, or their delegates;

     5.2.3 One delegate from each associate member-group and an additional one delegate for every 50 religious.

5.3   Without the right to vote:

      5.3.1 Major Superior of APAC member-groups who do not reside in the APAC region;

      5.3.2 Resource Persons and invited observers.

Article 6

The chief functions of the Convention will be:

6.1 To review, evaluate, approve and act upon all the reports and documents submitted by the member-groups;

6.2 To amend the Statutes, if necessary;

6.3 To elaborate and promulgate the policies and programs to be implemented during the next term; and

6.4 To elect the Officers of the Conference.


Article 7

The Officers of APAC who constitute the Executive Council will be: the President, the Vice-President, the Secretary, the Treasurer and Chairs of Commissions.

Article 8

8.1 The President and the Vice-President will be elected by the Convention.

8.2 The person elected President and Vice-President will preferably be of different genders.

8.3 The Secretary, the Treasurer, Chairpersons and Members of the Commissions will be appointed by the President and Vice-President after due consultation with the relevant Major/Regional Superior(s).


Article 9

The functions of the President will be:

9.1 To convoke the Convention at least nine (9) months before the opening date;

9.2 To preside at the Executive Council meetings;

9.3 To represent the Conference before the ecclesiastical and civil authorities of national and international organizations;

9.4 To provide leadership and inspiration to APAC membership;

9.5 To promote harmony and unity among APAC members; and

9.6 To coordinate activities of member-groups in the APAC region.


Article 10

The functions of the Vice-President will be to take over the functions of the President in his/her absence and perform other tasks assigned to him/her by the President.

Article 11

The functions of the Secretary will be:

11.1 To head the Secretariate;

11.2 To assist the President in initiating, implementing and overseeing the objectives of APAC;

11.3 To facilitate communication within the Conference;

11.4 To hire and supervise, with the approval of the Council, needed personnel for the effective running of the Secretariat.

11.5 To provide listings of all membership and associate memberships

11.6 To maintain contact address lists for email purposes


Article 12

The functions of the Treasurer will be:  

12.1 To collect annual dues and other financial  contributions from the APAC Members;

12.2 To manage funds and keep accurate accounts of APAC funds;

Article 13

The functions of Commission Chairpersons will be:

13.1 To promote activities in line with the nature and scope of the respective Commissions, with the approval of the President and Council; To serve as liaison between the Executive Council and other organizations with similar objectives to their respective Commissions.


Article 14

Other members of the Commissions are to be appointed in the same manner as Commission Chairpersons, and their function will be to assist the Commission Chairpersons in carrying out their tasks.


Article 15

15.1 The offices of the President and the Vice-President are open to all participants of the Convention from Congregations with full membership. If nobody present accepts nomination, nomination might be sought from members of Congregations with full membership

15.2 Each Officer of the Conference will serve his/her term of Office for three years.

15.3 Should the Vice-President become unable to serve, the Executive Council will appoint a replacement. in consultation with his/her respective Major Superior

15.4 Other Executive Council Officers who are unable to continue to serve will be replaced in the previously prescribed manner.

15.5 Resignations should be addressed to the Executive Council through the Secretary and the Executive Council will act on the matter.


Article 16

The permanent APAC secretariat shall be at La Consolacion Convent, 273 Santolan Rd, San Juan, Metro Manila, Philippines.


Article 17

The annual membership fees will be fixed at the time of the Convention, but may be adjusted by the Executive Council after consultation with the Major and Delegation Superiors. Considerations should be given to smaller regions and Congregations.


APAC Fast Facts






APAC supports the efforts of our member congregations.







APAC encourages the sharing of ideas.






APAC increases our common awareness of values.






APAC reflects on the gifts that interiority brings us.






APAC draws us closer to the God who unites us.






APAC serves the diverse common needs of its member congregations.






APAC calls us to co-operate and to share.


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