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APAC Convention 2014 - Resolutions

The members of 12th APAC Triennial Convention 2014 held at the Motherhouse of the Congregation of the Augustinian Sisters of the Divine Mercy in Ketapang, Indonesia with the theme: “New Evangelization through Collaboration in Asia-Pacific” endorse the following proposals to be implemented for the next three years.


The Commission of Communications shall work with Communications in-charge appointed by each congregation/country/circumscription in providing monthly updates, reports and pictures. The Communications in-charge should submit not only accomplished events but also future plans and programs. The chairperson will provide statistical information of those who are frequently visiting the website of APAC for evaluation purposes. The communications in-charge is tasked to print updates from the website and send it to APAC members.


The Commission on Formation and Spirituality should continue the efforts of joint formation of those in Initial Formation and to come up with joint programs for the Formation of the Formators and Lay Formation and look for existing programs related to it. The commission, moreover, should design a conference on Consecrated Life in an Augustinian perspective by 2015. The commission also should prepare a list of possible facilitators of giving retreats and conferences on Augustinian spirituality and other related topics.


The OSA Province of Cebu in link with APAC organize an International Augustinian Youth Encounter and an International Vocation Directors’ Meeting in November 2015 in Cebu (450th Anniversary Celebrations).


To task the Executive Council to create an international ad hoc committee to organize a Conference on “Evangelization in Asia-Pacific” in conjunction with the 13th Triennial APAC Convention in 2017 in the Philippines. The conference is a coming together of members of APAC to share their respective vision of Asia-Pacific of the signs of the times and identify common response and shared project.


To task the OSA-ASOLC Philippines to present feasibility study to establish a Center of Augustinian Studies in Asia-Pacific and present it to the Executive Council within eighteen months. The Executive Council will submit the result of the study and solicit feedbacks from respective superiors of each congregation.


To ask the Executive Council of APAC to find new ways of increasing the contribution of the members of APAC according to their financial capability. The treasurer will also find new resources for scholarship for English Language training and Asian Religions studies.


The APAC coordinators in each country should make an annual report to the Executive Council about programs of collaboration, reflections and accomplishments within their respective countries. The first annual report with programs of collaboration, strategic plans and budget proposals set for the next three years should be submitted by April 2015. In the countries where there are many congregations of the Augustinian family, coordinators will be appointed by each congregation. They will choose an overall coordinator from among them who will report to the Executive Council. The superiors will submit the names of these coordinators before 2014 ends.


As part of these programs, we highly recommend the following:


to consider the issue of language in order to respond to the reality that English is the common language in Asia-Pacific region by considering training of volunteers to teach English, sending religious to learn English in language centers, etc.


to organize collaboration efforts for professional development like tapping resource centers in the schools of the Augustinian family


to collaborate with other members of APAC with their respective Justice and Peace programs, shared mission and efforts in inter-religious dialogue


that APAC sponsor, with OSAAP leadership, a conference for religious and lay co-workers in our schools. This conference would be held in the Philippines in 2016 utilizing the resources of the Augustinian Values Institute.


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