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Twelfth Triennial APAC Convention 2014

The twelfth triennial APAC Convention took place at Ketapang in Indonesia on 21-24 October 2014, with its theme being “New Evangelization through Collaboration in the Asia Pacific.” Eleven different religious congregations and jurisdictions within the broader Augustinian family in the Asia Pacific participated. The female congregations were Augustinian Sisters of Divine Mercy and the Augustinian Sisters of Our Lady of Consolacion (ASOLC); the male congregations were the Augustinians of the Assumption, Discalced Augustinians (OAD), Crosier Fathers (OSC), and the distinct jurisdictions of the Order of St Augustine based in Australia, India, Indonesia, Japan, Korea and Cebu (Philippines). Twenty-six delegates attended the Convention, coming from the nations mentioned above.

The choice of the Convention’s venue continued the general pattern of alternating the location of these conventions between places within the Philippines and places outside of the Philippines. Most APAC member congregations have at least some of their houses in the Philippines, and as a result most of the religious embraced by APAC live in the Philippines. It is therefore most convenient for a greater number of the delegates if APAC conventions take place in the Philippines, and these conventions attract a greater number of delegates and range of congregations attending than do APAC conventions held in other nations.

The conducting of conventions in other nations can easily be justified, however, because it brings APAC in a very visible form to these nations, and gives the convention participants a first-hand view of other cultures and ministerial approaches.

 Convention Agenda

The APAC Convention began on Tuesday, 21 October 2014 when a highlight was a colourful pageant included in the welcoming ceremony. This was followed by an Opening Mass in Saint Gemma Galgani Cathedral, at which the Bishop of Ketapang, Most Rev Pius Riana Prapdi was the presider. The rest of the day was devoted to hearing the APAC President’s Report, and reports from each of the congregations and jurisdictions represented at the Convention.

Wednesday, 22 October 2014 was devoted to input about the Church in Indonesia and more broadly in the Asia Pacific. There were three invited speakers, Bishop Pius Riana Prapdi (“Catholic Church in Indonesia”), Fr William Chang OFMCap (“Unity in Diversity) and Fr Tony Banks OSA (keynote address on the theme of the Convention.) On Wednesday evening, proposals were drawn up in response to the input provided by the three speakers of the day.

Thursday, 23 October 2014 saw visits to local Augustinian apostolic ministries conducted by the Sisters of Divine Mercy; this included a pre-school, primary school, vocational school and a hospital. At each of these ministries there was a welcome ceremony presented, and gifts given to the APAC delegates. The day ended with the formulation of the Convention Proposals (see the bottom of this web page) and the nominations were received for positions on the four-person APAC Executive for the next three years 2014-2017.

Friday, 24 October 2014 was the final day of the Convention. Throughout the morning the proposals and resolutions were finalised, and the APAC Executive elected. The APAC Executive for 2014-2017 comprises Fr Bernard Holzer aa of Manila (President, Sr Nicet Vargas of the Augustinian Sisters of our Lady of Consolacion, Manila (Vice-President), Sr Diosie Tangcaag of the Augustinian Sisters of our Lady of Consolacion, Manila (APAC Secretary) and Fr Victor Gonzaga of Cebu (APAC Treasurer).

It was agreed that the Thirteenth Triennial APAC Convention will take place in the Philippines during 2017 at a place and on a date that will be decided in due course by the incoming APAC Executive.

A closing Mass took place late on Friday afternoon, and a Cultural Night followed after the evening meal.  

President’s thoughts

The APAC President’s thoughts about the Convention in October 2014 are included in the following words: “The twelfth triennial APAC Convention achieved its goals, thanks to good preparation and to the contribution made by the keynote addresses and congregational reports. Our hosts, the Augustinian Sisters of Divine Mercy, shared their facilities with us and showed us their ministries; their hospitality helped to establish a mood in which all various members of the broad Augustinian family from six very different Asia-Pacific nations immediately felt very much at home. It is encouraging to anticipate that what was achieved in the Convention will produce good effects at the hands of the thousands of our Augustinian brothers and sisters who minister throughout the Asia Pacific.”


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