Augustine the Mentor We Share

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All people baptised in any Christian denomination share the One Lord, One Faith and the One Baptism, and thus spiritually have much in common. Those who have then added to their baptismal calling the privilege and responsibility of Augustinian Religious Life by professing vows in one or other branch of the Augustinian Catholic Family have even more in common.

These persons, and also those laity who are followers of Augustinian spirituality, have come to view Christ somewhat akin to the way that St Augustine of Hippo did. In other words, they appreciate the particular way of viewing Christ that Augustine himself saw and then eagerly came to promote and to preach: an awareness that God is to be encountered in the depths of our own being, in community, and in restful moments grasped amidst the cacophony of the world around us.

Augustine is the mentor that APAC members share in common. May this website give us a better understanding of him as a baptized person, and of his Christian insights and his spirituality.